Ziley Terlik within the organization of Gezer Ayakkabı has entered to the sector as a second trademark in the year 2002 to address the medium and lower income groups, with the purpose of producing conveniently priced, quality and chic slippers.

Ziley Terlik, in its modern facilities having a covered space of 20.000m2 consisting of 4 floors with its Professional staff and its computer supported infrastructure, with its 15 Million pairs of double polyurethane based slipper production capacity is one of the leading institutions of its sector. Ziley Terlik which has attained the numbers it aimed in the period elapsed since the year 2002 until today, reaches its customers in the domestic market at about 20.000 sales points consisting of chain markets (stores), shopping centers and marketplaces. In addition to the domestic market Ziley Terlik has started the works directed to the exports in 2003 and as a result of this effort it is today exporting 25% of its production to 30 countries where led by Romania, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Iraq, Palestine and Bulgaria, France, Poland, England, Italy, Austria and Belgium are included.

Ziley Terlik with its dynamic, experienced staff and the barcode follow-up system it uses, is able to follow-up successfully all the sales, production, storage and quality control activities and without ever compromising quality, and is happy to manufacture and present the most conveniently priced products.

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