Starting its production saga in a small workshop with the manufacture of wooden slippers in 1968 Gezer Terlik is ontinuing today to realize the manufacture of slippers, sandals, high boots, boots in its modern facilities in Beylikdüzü.

Gezer Ayakkabı has succeeded to become the leader of its sector with its yearly production capacity of 60 million pairs in a covered are of 100.000 m2. Receiving the first certificate of quality assurance ISO 9001 in its sector, Gezer is continuing to apply with success at every phase of production the concept of quality.


My Loris brand has taken its place in the sector within Gezer Ayakkabı in order to serve the upper segment of Gezer brand.

Today, it is continuing to operate predominantly in exports and finding acceptance both in the domestic market as well as abroad. Gezer Ayakkabı, with its chic, original and free designs targeting young masses from the middle and upper socio-economic levels has presented the brand My Loris to the consumers appreciation.


Polex-chem is an industrial chemicals company producing petrochemical polyurethane raw materials especially for the manufacturing industry of soles for shoes and slippers and which is directly marketing these to both the domestic as well as the foreign markets.  P.U. systems and all components of these systems established by Polex Chem (Polyester resin, Polyol, Propolymer and catalyst systems) are completely produced it its organization.


Our business enterprise where artificial leather and flock is being produced has been established in 1996 and has an operating area of 25.000 m2. The capacity of our enterprise which is producing artificial leather for shores, slippers, bags, upholstery, and saddlery is 10 million m/length. In our globalizing world where the competition conditions are becoming harder each day, being aware of the contributions that the international standards provide, our Company has ISO 9001 certificate.

By applying these standards its brand name is being recognized not only in Turkey but worldwide.Realizing exports to more than 40 countries, our company has customers from all around the world. Our enterprise, considering customer satisfaction to be above everything, is in close contact with its customers not only at production phase but also after product delivery. In addition to this it has aimed to provide quality as well as a wide product range. In this respect it is doing its best and attaches great importance to R&D works.


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